Saving Lives

You don’t have to be a sufferer of allergies to appreciate the need for an Epipen to work when it’s needed, every time, and without fail.

Imagine you suddenly begin to start swelling up and struggling to breathe. In your panic you reach for your Epipen that you take painstaking efforts to keep on you at all times. You pop the cap and inject it into your thigh.

However, the injection spring is faulty and the needle doesn’t extend far enough to get the dose you need.

It’s a nightmare scenario and it is (hopefully) a fictitious set of circumstances. Pharmaceutical companies track the batches of the chemical ingredients of products like this for obvious reasons. However, being able to track the plastic and metal parts of these products could help prevent loss of life.

In the scenario listed above if the injector spring was deemed faulty a query through Inventory Batch Tracker could be used to find affected devices. From there an alert could be sent out to users of Epipens and letting them know the device they have is defective before its an emergency.

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