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Fishing is a sport that is both relaxing and somewhat competitive depending on who you go with. Anyone who’s ever cast a rod knows there is something about having the biggest fish of the day.

Using the basic functionality of Inventory Batch Tracker we are able to adapt the software to allow a whole new level of competition.

When a fish is caught it can be entered into Inventory Batch Tracker. The fish’s length, weight, species, gender, lure/method used to catch, weather conditions, and even a photo are stored. During the trip the running tally is updated in real time.

A small group of college buddies could run a contest for a week over who catches the most overall inches of fish. At the same time a family could compete for the total weight caught.

The fish camp could keep a running total of each guest so when they market to them they can entice additional visits. “Mr. Johnson you have caught 178 lbs of salmon with us over the last year. This makes you number 7 on the leader board for fish caught.” For any alpha personalities this becomes a strong incentive to get back to the camp and fish for longer next year.

This is the actual halibut from the story.

Often times a specific fish has a good story behind it. For example: When catching a Halibut in Alaska a Sea Lion appeared and tried to steal the fish off the line. The fish had visible teeth marks and was a memorable moment for everyone in the boat. With Inventory Batch Tracker you could pull up the photo of the damaged fish, and even pull out the frozen packet of fillets for the very fish to eat with friends at a later date.

Year over year the fishing camp would be able to see any changes to the fishing patterns that may be an indication of pollution or over fishing. A vigilant eye over the management of fisheries is a long term business continuity plan.

Inventory Batch Tracker allows guests to catalog their adventures quickly and easily to enhance their trip. At the same time it allows the fishing camp the ability to identify guests who may respond to additional marketing or additional packages.

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