Cross Contamination

When you need to transport liquids in bulk it is important the transfer of those liquids doesn’t alter your product. It may become unusable on the receiving end and therefore, useless. Trucking companies do what’s called a “tank wash” after every load. These washes are intended to get rid of any of the trace chemicals of the previously transported loads.

Food grade shipments need to remain “food grade” and free of contamination.  Using Inventory Batch Tracker the tanker trailer itself can give you a lineage of every load its ever hauled. This way you can avoid cross contamination from one food to another.

Food is also vulnerable to micro organisms that can lead to premature spoilage or potentially harmful results to the end users. Using Inventory Batch Tracker allows you to pinpoint the broken link in the chain and potentially identify who is responsible for the loss of the product.

Shipping of bulk chemicals comes with its own set of hazards and risks. Chemical reactions can range from a simple change in color to explosions. By using Inventory Batch Tracker you can ensure the tank being used is free of hazardous combinations.  

You can also use Inventory Batch Tracker to insulate you from human error. If your chemical was denatured by cross contamination you can identify what the chemical was and where the tank wash wasn’t completed properly. This would allow you to indicate the responsible party.

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