Contract Leverage

Inventory Batch Tracker is a great way to protect yourself from costly losses in the event everything goes horribly wrong. But did you realize you could use it to help get you more business?

Business A

This business uses Inventory Batch Tracker and can provide a report in under 2 hours if needed.

This supplier is able to track mixed batches of goods from the cradle to the grave in their production cycle.

This company holds their raw material suppliers responsible if an anomaly is found in real time.

Business B

This company uses excel spreadsheets and has no definitive time frame on when they could issue a report.

This supplier has a general idea of what goes into each batch but has holes in their data.

This company can’t identify which supplier provided bad materials accurately and has to absorb the costs.

If you were going to place an order with either company above the smart move is to go with Company A. Using Inventory Batch Tracker as an insulator of risk and a value proposition makes them a much stronger supplier to do incremental business down the line.

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