Climbing Predicament

Rope is one of those products you never really think about until you need it. You may not realize that the ropes have an effective use life and need to be replaced. This is especially critical if you’re hanging from a rope thousands of feet up a mountain. Knowing your rope is still in its usable lifespan is one less thing to worry about.

Rope productions final output is a spool of rope that is later cut into much smaller segments. By tracking the batch of rope from the moment the raw materials reach the facility to the moment they’re shipped out to retailers the company has the ability to provide quality control that literally could save a life.

Should a rope pass inspection but fail in real world application the manufacturer can track down the affected product(s) quickly to avoid a public relations nightmare.  

The manufacturer can also proactively reach out to retailers and remind them of ropes that have reached their expiration date. Retailers can discard ropes they may still have in inventory or verify the current lifespan of the ropes they have in stock if needed.

From a marketing standpoint the manufacturer has the ability to connect with avid users for the updates on when the ropes should be phased out of use by email or text alerts. A simple “contact us” page allows them to contact end users when their purchased rope is set to expire.

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