Vineyard by the Vine

Many of the “high end” wines that come from Italy have very complex and lengthy names.  While some of this is just marketing some of them are describing (in Italian) the region, field, and even hill the sourced grapes are coming from.  The more specific the wine the greater the prominence and deeper the flavor.

Blending wine is both science and art.  Using Inventory Batch Tracker a winery could very easily track the grapes coming of a particular vine and track the percentage of that grape that goes into the batch.

  • 10% vine 134
  • 15% vine 287
  • 40% vine 11
  • 25% vine 853
  • 10% Previous Bottling

As they track the fruit going into the wine they can adjust the flavor profile accordingly.  If they blend multiple times Inventory Batch Tracker will be able to track the sub batches as well.

  • Batch 143
    • 45% vine 23
    • 45% vine 84
    • 10% vine 10
  • Batch 176
    • 60% vine 364
    • 40% vine 199

The system gives them the flexibility to track it down to whatever metric they would like to use.  This also includes the ability to add tasting notes and even photographs of the grapes or the final products for quality control.

In the event a particular vine experiences a fungus or other undesirable event the winery can instantly track effected bottles.  This way they know right away they have a bad batch of wine being aged in their warehouse and can deal with it accordingly. Before batch tracker they would have to wait until it’s ready to bottle to find out which barrels contain wine that has been contaminated with this fungus.

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