Tough Tofu

Tofu is a product that for most people is a bit of a mystery. When you dive deeper into how this product is made and even consumed it can be somewhat surprising.

Soy bean producers who sell to the Asian marketplace are asked to track the beans to a specific plot. The flavor profiles of the beans can change from one plot to the next and this can skew the flavor of the end product.

After a visit to the farm by the buyers they designate each segment and beans are required to be placed into correlating containers.

For years many of the farmers thought this was enough of a check and balance. However, with growing global demand on soy beans and even political influences can change that dynamic.

Using Inventory Batch Tracker allows the farmer to track their product independently of their buyer. Should a buyer cancel an order “mid voyage” to Asia that product could be lost. The data needed to get high market price (previously) was only held by the buyer.

With Inventory Batch Tracker the farmer is able to find a second buyer, provide all the information they need to track its lineage, and save the months of work from spoilage.

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