Pancake Predicament

For many people when you hear “pancake” it brings up happy memories of mornings at your childhood breakfast table. Because pancakes are so simple to make the ingredients are used to make the mixes are made in bulk. If a pathogen got into the bulk ingredient and you were one of the people who got ill from it you’ll have tainted view of pancakes going forward.

Flour is something that is in multiple products and is produced in massive quantities. One flour producer could serve multiple baking operations for any number of ingredients. If a contaminant or pathogen made its way into a single container early on there could be a tsunami of effected products.

Using Inventory Batch Tracker would allow you to find the exact batches that are effected BEFORE the 24 hour news cycle gets wind of the story. Imagine having to destroy 10,000,000 pounds of flour because of an E. Coli outbreak linked to this ingredient. A manufacturer in 2016 had to do just that.

10 million pounds of flour is equivalent to 163 40 foot shipping containers, 125 Fully loaded semi trucks, 51 rail cars, and 2,703 4’x4′ pallets.

10 Million pounds of flour is an extreme number but the company who had this problem was large enough to survive the losses. If this had been a smaller producer that could have been the end of them.

At the same time imagine getting a call from your largest client inquiring about possible contamination. With Inventory Batch Tracker you’ll be able to get a detailed response back to them within a 2 hour window. If your competitor takes several days or weeks to get that information who would you want to place future business with?

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