Thank you for your interest in Hemp Batch Tracker (HBT)! The site you’re on now is the non hemp version of the same software. We are in the process of standing up its own website now.

The software runs on its own instance per customer. In other words, you would have your own database to log into, the information isn’t shared among other users.

Beta Users would be eligible for discounted rates on Hemp Batch Tracker subscription. These rates would require a commitment of 1-3 years and after that period we would go back to the full rate.

Depending on the Beta user and the complexity of your operation we may offer even greater reductions. The short version is we want people in Hemp/CBD production to use the software and provide valuable feedback to us.

To learn more about Hemp Batch Tracker please fill out the form below. We’ll reach out to you and cover the software as it applies to your specific business model.

You’re also welcome to look around on Inventory Batch Tracker and see how this system works for non-hemp industries.

If not incorporated yet please put "Self"
We've found that no 2 companies are the same and a lot of people are involved in multiple areas of hemp production. It doesn't matter from a software standpoint, but we'd like to make sure we're having a relevant conversation with you when we connect.