Action vs. Reaction

When you find yourself with an uncontained event that requires action being taken its always better to act rather than react.

Action can take many forms. Simply notifying the consumers or affected downstream users may be enough. Other times it could require more drastic measures like alerting the media.

The general public will look at an uncontained event with more empathy if the company is doing it to protect them. When a company reacts to government or social pressure it is seen as defensive and calls into question what else may be wrong.

The sooner you can take action the sooner you can control the social media posts and news stories that may occur as a result. By owning the narrative up front you’re in a better position to be seen in a positive light.

During your action, make sure you indicate you have traced the uncontained batches. By taking action first, and knowing exactly where the problem lies, you will be viewed as a responsible and well organized. This is a stark contrast to having to recall absolutely everything “just in case”.

*Always consult with your legal council before taking any action. This may also include talking to any government agencies that regulate your industry.

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